The Wall (2017)


How many Hunger Games movies are produced to date? Is it 3? Oh I looked it up, it’s 4. I watched the first one, it gained a little bit of momentum from the media before it hit the theaters here being a movie where teenagers are killing one-other in a game. I didn’t find it that great or shocking afterwards. The idea is the same as The Running Man (1987) and after discovering they were milking it like there’s no tomorrow with a story that somehow evolved from a survival game broadcasted on tv to a civil war I didn’t even bother to watch the other 3 movies. Hate it when they try to milk it out like there’s no tomorrow.

The Wall is keeping it simple. The story is about two marines, a crappy wall between them and an enemy. It’s a slow-paced story about a mission that should be easy but goes wrong due an enemy sniper. Yes, perhaps it’s a bit boring in the middle section but man… this ending… superb! I won’t spoil anything but this I love unpredictable movies and this ending is great for multiple reasons. I can’t image that they will do a sequel and they shouldn’t. Not everything has to be presented on a platter to finish a movie.

The movie didn’t do exceptionally well at the box office. They made about $3.9 million of a $3 million budget (Well it’s still more than you and I make but compared to other movies today it’s not that much). The movie is directed by Doug Liman who also directed movies like Edge of Tomorrow, Mr & Mrs Smith and The Bourne Identity.


Shot Caller (2017)


A movie about a regular family and businessman going in the prison system after a traffic accident and gets caught up in the prison life and becomes a bad person.

No, this movie is not a happy cheerful one where the guy gets the girl in the end and they life happily ever after. It’s a dark one with a slight statement about the prison system in many countries. It was interesting to watch this one and I’m overall positive about it but it’s not flawless.

The music (or should i say sound tones) are excellent matched with the gritty type that the movie should be. The film shows you two time periods of the Jacob (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) but it was a bit unclear that you were looking at the same guy in different times in his prison life. I thought in the first quarter of the movie that those two prisoners would meet somehow during the movie or the fresh fish would take place of the longer incarcerated one. Maybe it was not my finest moment, maybe a bit confusing display…

The scenes inside the prison in the movie are a bit different from most other movies. I guess it’s a bit clean compared with what you are used too but the clichés are there. Race-wars, fighting, killing and riots.

The movie has a well thought out ending which made me forget about the little flaws and if you can handle jumping between two time periods you should be fine with this one. If you hate switching between past and present time you might end up a bit annoyed but the movie ending will still keep it afloat bad movies.

The Great Wall (2016)


Okay the movie gets only a 6.0 on IMDB and a 42 on Metacritic. But man, did I see a refreshing original movie. Watching this movie yesterday and thinking back about it I still would rate it a bit higher than that people have done.

In the beginning you see two rough bearded guys, knowing Matt Damon is starring in this movie you can make the match. Such a shame that they didn’t go ‘undercover’ the whole movie.

Great work in the makeup department.

The Great Wall. Okay, it must take place in China. It’s a big wall. There will be something with an emperor. The rest of the story is highly likely total different from what you had imagined. Liked that part.

I found the story original, I can’t think of a predecessor with the same story. The visuals are pretty good, it didn’t have that constant CGI feel that some movies have. (And almost everything is CGI, Photo)

The final part of the movie is the weakest part, not much unexpected going on there but it’s okay. It only could go one way.

Entertaining nonsense and totally okay with it. Really glad I didn’t watch a trailer and only have seen the poster.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


The sequel of John Wick (2014). Really loved the first one, one of the better action movies that year in my opinion. The world setting is explained in the first movie, part 2 continues a little while after the first one.

It’s quite simple with this movie, you get what you want in this movie. If you liked the first one, this one will also please your movie hunger. If you’ve seen the trailer or even just the poster you know what you will get. Love the true advertising, almost refreshing.

I found the first movie better than Chapter 2, it looks like the years are starting to count for Keanu (52 years). Some action fighting scenes are a little bit slower than you would expect but it also may have been a choice by the director. (Why make the super assassin John Wick more human?) No biggy.

Loved the reunion between Neo and Morpheus and their little joke about it. 🙂

The path for Chapter 3 is open and I would love to see it.

Arrival (2016)


What a huge disappointment this movie was. Spaceships land on earth, nothing else happens and somehow the big question is are they friendly or hostile. The Aliens did remind me of Space Invaders which was fun. Fun thinking back at Space Invaders…

Space Invaders 1978 or is it Arrival 2016?

I’m not sure why the Chinese are labeled as the aggressive and impatient. On one hand it was a gift that due the Chinese possible attack on the friendly aliens there was a sort of deadline in the movie script. I checked two times during the movie how much time was still remaining, not a good sign.

Metascore of 81? Unbelievable. The movie is very slow-paced and reflecting back almost nothing happened during 116 minutes. The humans learn to decode the language, the message was aliens helps humans, humans help aliens later. Help with what? How? Why do they need help? None of these questions are answered or slightly worked out.

Not what i hoped after seeing the poster and trailer.

Blade Runner – A Cult? How?

Later this year a remake of the movie Blade Runner is coming to theaters. Blade Runner 2049 takes place 30 years after the first movie. Lately the old movie from 1982 is rocketing sky-high in the popularity charts.

I vaguely remember this movie from a long time ago. I know the movie did not do that great at the box-office. It’s budget to make was about 28 million and according to sources gross was 33 million. Somehow this movie is labeled cult today. After watching the Final Cut version today I rated this movie on IMDB and was confused by the other ratings.

The movie ratings is thru the roof, IMDB 8.2, Moviedb 7.9, Metacritic 89%, Rotten Tomatos 89% and after some thought I rated it a 6.

Lets take a look at the IMDB ratings:

IMDB votes

Giving this a 10 or 1 is stupid so I’m not gonna discus those numbers. Very few people gave this movie less than 6, so it’s got something. A very high number of people gave this a 8 and a 9. Lets take a closer look.

IMDB votes

And this is where it gets sketchy.. This movie is 35 years old. People under the age of 18 rating this movie is so hard to believe… I can not image the teenager twilight saga, hunger games and pitch perfect generation watching this 2 hour long movie that tells you it is playing in the future and looks like it going down in an awful place in 1994 without electronic devices.

People between 18 and 29 also didn’t see the movie when it was released. They could have picked up one of the many DVD and Blue-ray boxes, but watching the Final Cut version (the latest one from 2007 and the Ridley Scott edited version) it’s also hard to image people are blown away by the visuals. The movie is just to old for that and the story is thin at best.

The name of the actor is the same size as the movie name.

The story is okay, the screenplay and logic on the other hand… The movie starts with a prologue in text explaining the story and problem with replicants (the androids). Harrison Ford is a special police detective who hunts these replicants. The story takes places in a very crowded and shitty world. (We really need to take better care of the world if this is going to be our world in 2019 😉 ) Apparently it always rains in 2019 and people are only active during the night.

A Ridley Scott scene 1982
Another Ridley Scott scene. No it’s not from Alien or Prometheus, the man has more visual settings then one Sci-Fi setting 😉

One funny moment in the beginning of the story ( and sadly around the 30 minute mark of the film) was when Harrison tells it’s too bright in here.

That was literally just 5 seconds after I had to change the energy-saving function from my tv from high to off because the picture was to dark 😀

I don’t know what the story behind the many Chinese people is in LA. You might have had a more diverse set of people if the movie had taken place in Hong Kong. The tv ads on the jumbotrons even have Chinese writing in it. It bugged me when they were walking between Chinese art and people and they had to go to “Chinatown” for a lead. Arriving in Chinatown… it was the most non-Chinese place in the whole freaking movie with a Arabic vibe to it.

Being a great detective that Harrison Ford is the files of the 4 replicants are given to him. One replicant has the function for human pleasure of something like that. So Harrison goes to the strip club and tada… replicant is found. For some reason the replicant likes to walk though a lot of windows and is shot after a short chase. Being the luckiest detective ever the second replicant shows up out of nowhere just 20 seconds after the first one has been taken of the street on the same spot.

I can’t tell you how he finds the two other ones but they end up being in a building together.

Building in Blade Runner

This building is owned by one man and during the meet and greet with one replicant he is telling that he is living mostly alone in it and that there hasn’t been a lot of demand for housing with the colonization on other planets. What!?

Looks like one big ass building for one man! And how come is it so crowded in every scene outside if people left for other planets?

The third replicant get shots while doing some gymnastics during a fight… (pretty dumb for a robot that is smarter than humans) and the final replicant Rutger Hauer is not happy about that and wants to kill Ford for that… I think. Not sure, they fight a lot but the replicant does not really fight.

To make it a so so film even worse at the end. The last replicant turns itself off or its life is up (they are only built to last 4 years) Totally unexpected and just stupid. Scene over. After that it seems like Ford is doing a James Bond at the end by taking some time off with the girl. Only the girl is a replicant and it kinda goes against everything told in the movie. At the last moment Ford finds an origami swan made of thin foil, I assume on the location where the Hauer replicant shutdown, with the origami or swan having absolutely no meaning what so ever in this movie.

ps. The replicant is gone, great police work Ford.

After writing this I wonder why I even gave it a 6…

You do not need to watch this one if you are going the see the remake.


Fargo – the third installment of Fargo

A new season of Fargo has started. Fargo was one of the early shows which begins with a new cast and story every season, something we’ve seen a lot more in the recent two years and this season will be baked by the same recipes. It promises to be a good season as it has received highly positive reviews from critics and the audience rating so far is also very high.

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Atomic Blonde – Preview – A Female John Wick?


Charlize Theron stars in Atomic Blonde, a breakneck action-thriller that follows MI6’s most lethal assassin through a ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors.

A blistering blend of sleek action, gritty sexuality and dazzling style, Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch (John Wick, upcoming Deadpool 2). Also starring John Goodman, Til Schweiger, Eddie Marsan, Sofia Boutella and Toby Jones, the film is based on the Oni Press graphic novel series“The Coldest City,” by Antony Johnston & illustrator Sam Hart. Kurt Johnstad (300) wrote the screenplay.

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Leathal Weapon – Season 2 confirmed

Lethal Weapon

With an 18 episodes season 1 almost over Fox has announced that it will renew buddy cop remake “Lethal Weapon” starring Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford for a second season.

Season 2 will have 22 episodes. Ratings have slightly increases since I covered a previous post about the show.

IMDB rating 7.9/10 



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