Arrival (2016)

Verdict: What a huge disappointment this movie was. Spaceships land on earth, nothing else happens and somehow the big question is are they friendly or hostile. The Aliens did remind me of Space Invaders which was fun. Fun thinking back at Space Invaders... I'm not sure why the Chinese are labeled as the aggressive and … Continue reading Arrival (2016)


The 100 – Season 5 news

The 100

I just finished S04 and am glad that the show did great after a not so good S03. IMDB ratings picked up from a 7.8 and 7.9 for the first two episodes to end with a 9.3. Now that's what you call a great end! The final 3 minutes of the seasons last episode did … Continue reading The 100 – Season 5 news

The X-Files – The truth is out there, again

After a long delay, a deal is finally in place to produce a second edition of Fox’s “The X-Files” revival. The show’s three principals — stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and creator/executive producer Chris Carter — are back for the new installment. The event series is set to air during the 2017-2018 season, with … Continue reading The X-Files – The truth is out there, again

The 100 – Season 4 started

The 100

Jeej! Season 4 has started of the sci-fi drama The 100. For everyone never heared of The 100, its a show broadcasted by The CW, the same tv network that hosts series like Arrow, DC's Legend of Tomorrow, Supergirl, the Flash and the Vampire Diaries. WAIT!!! I know, those series are really stupid 🙂 The 100 … Continue reading The 100 – Season 4 started