OpenVPN installation on a Linux Server

A quick post on how to install and use the OpenVPN package on a Debian / Ubuntu based server. A year ago I got a subscription from Private Internet Access for a VPN solution after a certain bill passed the parlement in my country. While PIA provides 5 concurrent sessions, soon to be 10, I … Continue reading OpenVPN installation on a Linux Server


How-to: openvpn-client and systemd

27.800.000 hits when Googling "Linux OpenVPN server autostart" and just 663 hits with the required word combinations to the query "linux OpenVPN client autostart" to make it work... Do you know what the best server solution is? The one without any users active. Never a problem-child, zero problems, plenty of performance and always running fine... … Continue reading How-to: openvpn-client and systemd