#EXCFEY – A Sunday in Rotterdam, the match, the riots, the story

Football (Soccer to be clear if) is the largest sport in the Netherlands and this years competition is coming to an end. We got three large clubs in this country: Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. Last two years the league has been won by PSV, the four before those two by Ajax. Feyenoord somehow has the … Continue reading #EXCFEY – A Sunday in Rotterdam, the match, the riots, the story


Netflix ISP Speed Index – Nederland

ISP (Internet Speed Index) for Prime Time Netflix performance  - March 2017 RANK ISP SPEED Mbps PREVIOUS Mbps RANK CHANGE TYPE 1 Ziggo 4.21 4.20 No change Cable 2 Ziggo (former UPC) 4.20 4.19 +1 Cable 3 Caiway 4.19 4.19 -1 Fiber Cable 4 ZeelandNet 4.17 4.17 No change Cable 5 T-Mobile Thuis 4.02 4.04 No change Fiber … Continue reading Netflix ISP Speed Index – Nederland

Pine – The best Indie game ever?

About Pine is a game about evolution. Using neural network AI technologies, the game's system attempts to recognize the player's style and adapt the species and world accordingly. This means defensive players will be opposed by more aggressive species, while energetic players would see faster enemies that try to keep up. In the world of … Continue reading Pine – The best Indie game ever?