Kodi Preparing for v18 – CleanLibrary

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It won't be long before the new Kodi v18 (codename Leia) will be released. A little bit of housekeeping won't harm most databases before we upgrade it. Kodi has a builtin function called CleanLibrary. This function will perform a number of 'cleanup' tasks on your video or music database. It can be run if you have … Continue reading Kodi Preparing for v18 – CleanLibrary


Duplicate MySQL databases for Kodi

Just a quick post about cloning the Kodi database. Fiddling with MySQL is not my strong point, in fact this was the second time I did something with MySQL... Cant wait till Microsoft finishes the Public Preview of MSSQL for Linux. My case I have a VM with MySQL for Kodi (Jarvis) 16.1 . Two … Continue reading Duplicate MySQL databases for Kodi