Upcoming Kodi 17.1 changes

Back in april last year Kodi announced they would switch to RERO development (Release Early, Release Often). Funny thing then was they would not release anything for another 8 months. While Kodi 17.0 was released a month ago, RERO is kicking in now. The following changes will appear in Kodi 17.1 • Update Estuary and … Continue reading Upcoming Kodi 17.1 changes


Duplicate MySQL databases for Kodi

Just a quick post about cloning the Kodi database. Fiddling with MySQL is not my strong point, in fact this was the second time I did something with MySQL... Cant wait till Microsoft finishes the Public Preview of MSSQL for Linux. My case I have a VM with MySQL for Kodi (Jarvis) 16.1 . Two … Continue reading Duplicate MySQL databases for Kodi