Kodi slow after Windows upgrade?

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Yesterday my laptop received the Redstone 3 update and things worked fine. Today i noticed some drivers were being 'updated' and made things really bad. My Intel Graphics driver had been downgraded to some version from 2016... I couldn't use Kodi on the machine anymore because Kodi thought I didn't have a DirectX 11 capable … Continue reading Kodi slow after Windows upgrade?


x86 Microarchitectures over the last years

A quick overview from AMD and Intel the past years. Mainstream x86 microarchitecture AMD Year Intel Zen 14FF 2017 ? Excavator v2 GF28A 2016 14+FF Kaby Lake Excavator GF28A 2015 14FF Skylake Steamroller 28SHP 2014 14FF Broadwell - - 2013 22FF Haswell Piledriver 32 SOI 2012 22FF Ivy Bridge Bulldozer 32nm 2011 32nm Sandy Bridge - … Continue reading x86 Microarchitectures over the last years

AMD Ryzen – Almost around the corner and official pricing revealed.

AMD Ryzen die shot xray

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a preview of the new AMD platform with an estimate of the prices the CPU would cost. Yesterday i received an email of a webshop that already takes pre-orders of the AMD Ryzen 7 series and the compatible motherboards. More and more benchmarks are being published and the … Continue reading AMD Ryzen – Almost around the corner and official pricing revealed.

AMD “Zen” Microarchitecture

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AMD is about to release a new microarchitecture. Their last true new architecture was the Bulldozer family released on October 12, 2011. While the processors are not out for sale yet we do know the following things: #Official The new AMD Zen architecture uses a wide execution engine in a simultaneous multithreading (SMT) capable design. “Zen” … Continue reading AMD “Zen” Microarchitecture