Kon Tiki – Real adventure has no limits.

Kon Tiki

Okay, it's not the newest movie but I recently seen in on tv and was pleasantly surprised. I never heard of this Scandinavian production before. It's based on a true story and is a remake of a 1950's movie.  The film is an international co-production between Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. About Norwegian … Continue reading Kon Tiki – Real adventure has no limits.


Black Sails – Season 4

Black Sails

Okay.... I was truly surprised when a new season popped up of the Starz hit show Black Sails. While i have to admit not being the greatest fan of the show anymore, it is the only currently pirates show begin broadcasted. I found the follow text describing the show perfectly: Critics Consensus: Black Sails boasts … Continue reading Black Sails – Season 4