Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)


Can you watch this movie without knowing the ins and outs of the game? I did play Warcraft III back in 2002 (when RTS games were cool) but I stayed a mile away from World of Warcraft so I really know nothing about the story except I wasn’t surprised to see a orc, dwarf or knight.

To answer the above question: Yes, it’s watchable but not that great. It’s not that its a terrible movie but there is also not much very good about it. As much as I loved the role Travis Fimmel brought to Vikings this was a let down. I did not expect him to do the same character in this movie (or is this just how he is?) It felt off. There is a moral in the story but the main focus was all about the visuals and orcs. Not having seen an orc for a decade I found them acceptable, the CGI was smooth in this film.

If you’re not a fan of Warcraft you should be fine without this movie.


The Great Wall (2016)


Okay the movie gets only a 6.0 on IMDB and a 42 on Metacritic. But man, did I see a refreshing original movie. Watching this movie yesterday and thinking back about it I still would rate it a bit higher than that people have done.

In the beginning you see two rough bearded guys, knowing Matt Damon is starring in this movie you can make the match. Such a shame that they didn’t go ‘undercover’ the whole movie.

Great work in the makeup department.

The Great Wall. Okay, it must take place in China. It’s a big wall. There will be something with an emperor. The rest of the story is highly likely total different from what you had imagined. Liked that part.

I found the story original, I can’t think of a predecessor with the same story. The visuals are pretty good, it didn’t have that constant CGI feel that some movies have. (And almost everything is CGI, Photo)

The final part of the movie is the weakest part, not much unexpected going on there but it’s okay. It only could go one way.

Entertaining nonsense and totally okay with it. Really glad I didn’t watch a trailer and only have seen the poster.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a western. (Oh forgot about West World but that wasn’t a movie). The last one has been The Hateful Eight (2015) because of the Quentin Tarantino hype but the one before that has several years ago.

It’s a western, how not to expect cowboys & indians, colt and dynamite and gold.

  • Cowboy – √
  • Bad guy – √
  • gunfight – √
  • Damsel in distress – √
  • Showdown – √
  • Indians – √
  • Escape from jail – ×

The movie is over 2 hours but that didn’t bother me at all. Scenery is very nice throughout the whole movie. It felt like the script rushed the part where the seven gunslingers are brought together. It would be nice to know a little bit more about some of them but the movie is already lasting over two hours so I guess you can’t really blame someone for that.

If it would have been a Marvel movie we would have 16 origin movies, 4 origin reboots and 9 movies with all the people together to tell the same story.

Being a remake you might know how the plot will unveil itself but I haven’t seen the original and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t an all good, hero gets the girl, everybody happy movie in the end.

Ethan Hawke and Byung-hun Lee played their parts very good and were given an interesting character.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the western setting or just a good action movie in up-to-date traditional style.

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)


Know what? I had a good time with this movie. Yes it isn’t the best script on the world but there are enough funny moments in the movie to make time fly. I’m not a great fan of Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) and tend to skip his movies but his performance in this film is worth to mention. Lets hope his playing a 30-year-old guy with shorts on films are over.

If I had to compare this movie against another one I would pick something like Leslie Nielsen’s Spy Hard (1996) meets …. maybe Get Smart (2008). But this one probably is one of the better spy couple comedy movie genre. It has its funny moments, some can be seen coming from a distance but none the less funny, others are just small and simple but it’s not over the top. Okay not that over the top.

They could have messed it up by transforming the ‘regular couple’ into a new spy couple at the end or during mid movie but luckely they did not do that.

Fun movie, comedy with a little bit of action packed spy stuff keeping it PG-12 all the way.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


The sequel of John Wick (2014). Really loved the first one, one of the better action movies that year in my opinion. The world setting is explained in the first movie, part 2 continues a little while after the first one.

It’s quite simple with this movie, you get what you want in this movie. If you liked the first one, this one will also please your movie hunger. If you’ve seen the trailer or even just the poster you know what you will get. Love the true advertising, almost refreshing.

I found the first movie better than Chapter 2, it looks like the years are starting to count for Keanu (52 years). Some action fighting scenes are a little bit slower than you would expect but it also may have been a choice by the director. (Why make the super assassin John Wick more human?) No biggy.

Loved the reunion between Neo and Morpheus and their little joke about it. 🙂

The path for Chapter 3 is open and I would love to see it.

Fargo – Season 3

Fargo Season 3


Set in 2010, the third installment of Fargo centers on Emmit Stussy and his slightly younger brother Ray (Ewan McGregor in dual roles).

Emmit, the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota,” is a handsome, self-made real estate mogul with a perfect family – a real American success story. His slightly younger brother Ray is more of a cautionary tale. Wilted from a lifetime of living in Emmit’s shadow, Ray is a balding, pot-bellied parole officer with a huge chip on his shoulder about the hand he’s been dealt – and he blames his brother.

The only bright spot in Ray’s life is the love of a not-so-good woman, Nikki Swango (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), one of his parolees. Nikki has brains, beauty and a deep and abiding passion for competitive bridge. She decides to help Ray turn his fortunes around, by essentially stealing back his good karma. Unsurprisingly, things quickly get out of hand and petty theft leads to murder.

When the mayhem crosses county lines, Eden Valley Police Chief Gloria Burgle (Carrie Coon), a newly divorced mother, is called upon to investigate. Normally steady and imperturbable, Gloria is shaken when the case takes an unexpectedly personal turn. Meanwhile, Emmit’s perfect life is upended when he receives an unwelcome business proposal from a mysterious loner and true capitalist, V.M. Vargas (David Thewlis), whose bosses plan to become business partners with “The Parking Lot King” whether Emmit likes it or not.



IMDB 9,0/10

Audience Score 95%

Critics Consensus: Thanks in part to a memorable dual performance from Ewan McGregor, Fargo mostly maintains the sly wit and off-kilter sensibility it displayed in its first two seasons.

About the true story disclaimer

As with the original film, each episode begins with the superimposed text:

This is a true story. The events depicted took place in Minnesota in [year]. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.

To give you a short answer, it’s all complete fiction. Doing some research and reading the stories I tend to dislike the Coen brothers. Remember season 2? An interview:

“There are actually two little elements in the story that were based on actual incidents,” Joel Coen told HuffPost. “One of them is the fact that there was a guy, I believe in the ‘60s or ‘70s, who was gumming up serial numbers for cars and defrauding the General Motors Finance Corporation. There was no kidnapping. There was no murder. It was a guy defrauding the GM Finance Corporation at some point.”

Okay… so there was a guy scraping serial numbers for car chassis…… Why fool the audience every episode with the true story crap?

Big thumbs up for the makeup department

Ewan McGregor
 Emmit Stussy




Ewan McGregor
 Ray Stussy


Ewan McGregor in regular life






Release information

The third season premiered on April 19, 2017


10 episodes of 50 minutes each.

Original Network


Death Race 2050 – … speechless

I am not sure how I stumbled upon this movie and I can’t remember why I decided to view it but sometimes you need to see a truly sh**y movie to appreciate others.

Of-course I was aware that this movie wasn’t gonna be an Oscar worthy movie but it could still be fun. Perhaps I was triggered to watch this movie by fun memories of a cool game in my childhood: Death Rally

Death Rally game from 1996


The Original

In 1975 the first Death Rally movie named “Death Rally 2000” appeared. The movie received a politically incorrect label. The budget of the movie was 300.000, not the highest number in those days but also not extreme cheap. The first Jaws in that same year was an absolute block buster with 12.000.000 budget and 470.000.000 worldwide gross. Monty Python and the Holy Grail was made for 400.000 the same year.

Stills from the 1975 movie
Frankenstein’s car in 1975

Reboot in 2008

More people are probably familiar with the 2008 reboot starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibsonand the second one in 2010 with Luke Goss, Lauren Cohan, Sean Bean.








Part 2 of the original from 1975

Here we are, 42 years later, the sequel has made it. Both films were produced by Roger Corman (born 1921).

No, this is not Thunderbirds. It’s Death Race 2050 (2017)

A picture sometimes says more than a thousand words…

This is so cheap and simple things go wrong in this movie. There are a lot of movie errors. During a scene Frankenstein is mad and hits the steering wheel with his hand, the hand bounces back up and hits the window. The entire structure of the window and frame comes lose and lifts up 🙂

Hitting Pedestrians gives the drivers point. The scoreboard can some times be seen when a bystander gets killed by a car and they managed to edit the movie so the score of Frankenstein goes from 255 to 265 during the race and later at the checkpoint a score of 240 is shown.

The driver of the self driving car, the A.B.E. , can be seen when the car needs to refuel and is asking a wooden statue at the gas station to refill it (so far for smart A.I.) Very intelligent script work as the other cars with people do not need to refuel… not.

The list could go on and on. It’s simply not worth it…

There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp, and there never will be

There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp, and there never will be.

“I just don’t see it,” says producer Jerry Bruckheimer, writing off any plans for future instalments without Captain Jack (as well as the ridiculous idea of anyone other than Depp ever playing him).

“The secret to any successful franchise is picking talented people, and Johnny is absolutely key to the success of Pirates. He’s such a unique character, such an endearing character, and such an irreverent character all in one.”

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Training Day TV Series (2017) – There will be no season 2

Training Day

While we knew this cancellation was coming, it’s still a sad subject to address. The Training Day TV show has been cancelled. There will be no season two of the CBS police drama.

Taking place years after the 2001 Denzel Washington feature film, the Training Day TV series stars Bill Paxton as Detective Frank Rourke and Justin Cornwell as Kyle Craig. The rest of the CBS cast includes Katrina Law, Drew Van Acker, Lex Scott Davis, Julie Benz, Christina Vidal, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

This cancellation was kind of certain with the untimely death of 61 year old Bill Paxton, on February 25th. He passed away at 61 years of age, due to complications following heart surgery. Deadline reports that season one production wrapped in December, which means all 13 episodes from the show’s first-season have already been shot before Bill Paxton died.

Network viewer ratings have not been good for this show. Even if we hadn’t lost the talented Mr. Paxton far too soon, CBS was unlikely to renew Training Day for season two. The IMDB episode ratings started 7.0 for the first episode but then climbed to a 8.5 during mid-season and kept this high towards the finale. Shows again that it is very important to catch the viewer’s attention in the first and maybe second episode if the shows is gonna be successful.

Even with the unplanned series ending (I think) it still has a decent story ending and the show is not that bad as some anonymous internet heroes rate it…