Ash vs Evil Dead – From the STARZ network without bad aftertaste

Ash vs Evil Dead

Well not literally because some episodes may have been extreme gory but always with a wink at the audience and surrounded with comedy.

The final episode of ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ has aired last week. The show is being canceled by STARZ and that’s a real shame. The viewer count of the show has steadily declined after the first season according to sources like Nielsen but the people’s rating has never dropped below a 8.2 on IMDB for every episodes. This is a show where the viewer numbers doesn’t match with the ratings and reviews found on the interwebs.

Rotten Tomatoes was almost made for this show 🙂 Tomatometer: 99%, average audience rating: 94% liked it.

See the numbers from IMDB

There was nothing wrong with this show but STARZ needs to do more with their shows to bring it to the people. Yes, it’s viewable on Netflix and Amazon Prime but I’ve never seen a STARZ show on the regular/old school tv. On Netflix it was the 38th most watched show in history of the streaming service here. That can’t be a reason to kill it for a relatively new show…

I doubt they will get more viewers in the near future. Their current selection of shows sucks a bit..


Farewell Jefe

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