What’s new in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (2017)

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft are introducing some fun, new ways to get creative – from bringing mixed reality and 3D to the masses, to faster broadcasting for gaming, to turning photos and videos into real memories, and a few things more. The Fall Creators Update can be experienced on a wide variety of Windows 10 PCs (Except Intel Clover Trail systems) and on a few of Windows Mixed Reality headsets listed here.

What’s new?

Some of the highlights in this release of Windows 10 are targeted to Windows Mixed Reality. An example of this is the Mixed Reality Viewer

Mixed Reality Viewer, cool but I can’t see a lot of people doing this with a normal laptop.

Cortana is a bit smarter now, you can ask Cortana to shut down, restart, or sleep your PC.

The Edge browser is still getting new features. One cool feature is the ability to pin your favorite websites to the taskbar. (hmmm… haven’t I heared this before).

You can now edit the URL of any favorite in the Favorites menu or the Favorites Bar. (What!!! How was this missing the past two years?)

With pressing F11 or choose the new Full Screen icon within the Settings menu (three dots) to take your websites full-screen. (Like with IE 5.5 on Windows 95…)

Ransomware protections. To better protect against ransomware attacks, Microsoft is introducing Windows Defender Exploit Guard that helps protect files from unauthorized changes by nefarious applications and your applications from unknown exploits. Lets hope this works excellent.

OneDrive Files On-Demand. Easily tell which files are available online only or offline. Online-only files download on demand with a double-click, and you can make them online only again to free up space. (Windows 8 and 8.1 already had this feature but it was removed in Windows 10 until now.)

OneDrive can download your files on-demand now so you can save disk space.

There’s now a Currency Converter included in the native Calculator.

Eye Control beta lets you operate an on-screen mouse, keyboard, and text-to-speech experience using just your eyes; requires compatible eye tracker (It’s not gonna work if you just stare at your monitor 😉  )

And I think everybody will be happy with Microsoft’s Fluent Design System guidelines and acryl (something like we used to have in Windows Vista with the transparency)

Acrylic Material example


How to get it?

You can get the Fall Creators Update in a few different ways. If you already have a Windows 10 PC and have automatic updates enabled, the update will be delivered to you when it’s ready. As an advanced user, you have two manual installation options. The recommended method is to utilize the Update Assistant. To do so, click the Update Now button on the Software Download Site. You’ll need a licensed version of Windows 10 to use this method to get the feature update. Alternatively, you can download and run the Media Creation Tool on the same site, which will help you perform a clean installation or reinstall of Windows 10.


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