The Great Wall (2016)


Okay the movie gets only a 6.0 on IMDB and a 42 on Metacritic. But man, did I see a refreshing original movie. Watching this movie yesterday and thinking back about it I still would rate it a bit higher than that people have done.

In the beginning you see two rough bearded guys, knowing Matt Damon is starring in this movie you can make the match. Such a shame that they didn’t go ‘undercover’ the whole movie.

Great work in the makeup department.

The Great Wall. Okay, it must take place in China. It’s a big wall. There will be something with an emperor. The rest of the story is highly likely total different from what you had imagined. Liked that part.

I found the story original, I can’t think of a predecessor with the same story. The visuals are pretty good, it didn’t have that constant CGI feel that some movies have. (And almost everything is CGI, Photo)

The final part of the movie is the weakest part, not much unexpected going on there but it’s okay. It only could go one way.

Entertaining nonsense and totally okay with it. Really glad I didn’t watch a trailer and only have seen the poster.


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