American Gods (TV Show) – Can’t watch it anymore

Believe… right

Oh my… All aboard the hype train or if you take my advice proceed to the nearest exist as quick as you can. To think I wrote a post about this show before it started, I’m sorry.

Who can watch this… The story is so unclear and all over the place. The timeline in the show is also screwed up. I do not know if it is on purpose that every character in the show is not likeable but they sure aren’t.

[###SPOILERS###]Mr. Wednesday seems to be the leader of old gods, yet he needs a human bodyguard… Shadow Moon should never ever think about botox in his face, he already has a hard time showing any expression. The lady who consumes people with her vagina is about the dumbest thing I’ve seen. Show Moons ex-wife is a zombie whose arm fell off and she is stitched together but seems to be the physically strongest person in the show. Peter Stormare can play a lot of things but not a Slavic dude like Czernobog. As far as I’ve seen his powers are that he can kill a cow with a hammer. The leprechaun fights in every scene he is in. The new gods are probably even worse, I hated the Technical Boy character as soon as 5 seconds. [/###SPOILERS###]

In episode 1 ‘Shadow Moon’ (Yeah that’s the name of the main character, should have been a warning already) he gets released from prison and needs to get to a funeral of his girlfriend.

Episode 2 and 3 are continuing normally with time, a few weeks seems to pass by. Episode 4 suddenly is the story about how Shadow Moon met his girlfriend. If I remember correctly it goes about 8 years back where he met his ex-wife, then jumps 4 years ahead in their relation and in another scene they talk about his 6 year sentence in jail. The wife dies, comes back from the dead (yes the word zombie has fallen). Later in the episode Shadow Moon opens the door of his motel room and finds his zombie wife in the room. What follows is a dump conversation but you get the timeline now.

In episode 5 Shadow Moon is arrested for being 6 days on parole without checking in. A Irish leprechaun gets arrested for killing the already zombie wife and Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance.. I’m not making this up.

? Have you ever seen a tv show that sacrifices the entire 4th episode for a flashback that really doesn’t explain anything more than a 2 minute conversation already did in the first episode.



I haven’t read the book, I can’t compare it to any other show but this has been the worst thing that made it into the IMDB top 100 popularity charts.

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