Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) – Question from a non-fanboy

Star Wars released a new trailer of their latest movie installment The Last Jedi. I know many people are going crazy right now and that’s fine. “Elke gek z’n gebrek” (a Dutch saying).

When you are not a Star Wars geekfan and your brain gets visually activated by some footage of Star Wars your processing is different from someone who’s mind is blown by the same little bit of footage. 😉


Lets take a look at the scene at 1:23.

Scene where there is a fire or explosion behind the aircraft (Is it an X-Wing? I tried to look it up but couldn’t find anything).

Everything okay so far, for a fire you need: 1 Heat, 2 Fuel, 3 Oxygen (or other exotic oxidizing agents)

2nd still of the same explosion, as big = better in Hollywood this one is real nice.

But then… 10 seconds later in the trailer.

Hmmm, we are clearly in outer-space as we can see a planet in the background. If that planet was earth the temperature would be around 3 kelvins (minus 270.15 degrees Celsius or minus 457.87 degrees Fahrenheit). (Tip when you are bored, there is some interesting stuff to read about temperature in space.) Too cold to start a fire.

So unlucky that they have shot their oxygen tank mounted on the outside…

Star Wars fans are probably gonna hate me for this, but when I’m bored I see this kind of stuff. I’m sure the fans will have a good time and don’t mind these technicalities.


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