Windows 10 Creators Update – What’s new

Windows 10 logo

See what’s new with the recent Windows 10 update with pictures to explain the changes.

Microsoft Edge

Set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge
Organize tabs

Sticky tabs

Pin tabs to keep your favorite sites in the same place every time you open your browser. Press and hold (or right-click) a tab, then select Pin.

Screenshot showing the tabs menu in Microsoft Edge

Preview pages

See small snapshots of pages by using your mouse to hover over open tabs. Or select Show tab previews to see visual previews of all your open tabs.

Image showing tab previews in Microsoft Edge

Save tabs for later

Save a group of tabs for later by selecting Set these tabs aside . When you’re ready to see them again, select Tabs you’ve set aside , then select Restore tabs.

Image showing the Set tabs aside and See tabs you''ve set aside buttons


Start Menu

Creating tile folders on Start
Organize with folders


Select the Start button, then select Settings > Personalization to preview and play with all the new settings.

Online gallery of themes
Themes are back

Night Light

Select the Start button, then select Settings > Display . Turn on Night light or select Night light settings to set your own schedule.

Night light settings on and off
Easier on the eyes – You should give this a try


Settings has been fine-tuned to make searching and getting help simpler. Apps and Gaming now have their own settings categories, and links to support, feedback, and other help is more readily available.

360° videos

The Movies & TV app now comes pre-stocked with 360° videos that let you look (or mouse) up, down, and all around as the video plays. You can also watch movie trailers, get recommendations based on your viewing habits, and browse and buy new movies and TV content right in the app.

Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender is now Windows Defender Antivirus, featuring built-in virus and threat protection, as well as family options to help keep you safe online. Visit the Windows Defender Security Center to see how Windows is helping protect your PC.

Windows Defender Security Center


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