Grimm – Series completed – A guilty pleasure


With 1 episode to go in the entire series it was time to create a little post about this tv show I liked to watch no matter how weird it was.


Remember the fairy tales your parents used to tell you before bedtime? Well, those weren’t stories, they were warnings.

Detective Nick Burkhardt thought he was ready for the grim reality of working homicide in Portland, Oregon. That is, until he started to see things… things he couldn’t quite explain. Like a gorgeous woman suddenly transforming into a hideous hag, or an average Joe turning into a vicious troll. Then, after a panicked visit from his only living relative, Nick discovers the truth about his visions: he’s not like everyone else, he’s a descendant of an elite group of hunters known as “Grimms” who are charged with stopping the proliferation of supernatural creatures in the world. And so begins his new life journey – albeit a reluctant one at first – as he solves crimes with his partner who knows something about Nick has radically changed but can’t quite put his finger on it. Along the way, Nick finds himself unexpectedly getting help on some of the more difficult cases from Monroe, a guy who seems normal at first but is soon revealed to be what you might call a “big bad wolf.” Literally!

While the Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales that children have adored for generations, imagine if the villains were real, and Nick was the only one who could stop them.

From executive producers David Greenwalt (Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Jim Kouf (Angel, National Treasure) comes a new world of police work where all cases have a storybook connection… but not always happily ever after.


Portland detective, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some gruesome crime scenes, but nothing prepares him for the strange visions he begins seeing: seemingly regular people momentarily transforming into hideous monsters. A visit from his only living relative reveals the truth. Nick has inherited the ability to see supernatural creatures, and as a “Grimm,” he is tasked with keeping the balance between mankind and the mythological. A reformed “Big Bad Wolf” becomes his greatest (and also reluctant) ally and confidant. It’s not long before his work as a policeman leads Nick to the criminals he once thought were only found in fairy tales.


Elizabeth Tulloch, David Giuntoli, and Jacqueline Toboni in Grimm (2011)Russell Hornsby and Reggie Lee in Grimm (2011)Elizabeth Tulloch in Grimm (2011)Claire Coffee in Grimm (2011)Sasha Roiz in Grimm (2011)Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner in Grimm (2011)


IMDB 7,8/10

Audience Score 91%

Critics Consensus: Moody and dark, Grimm gives supernatural fantasy a TV procedural sheen.

Personal view

Okay, it may not be the best series ever but I enjoyed it most of the time. I’ve seen the first two or three episodes on TV and decided to place the show on a watch list and give it a try. While season 1 was not the best, the next seasons got better. One thing funny to mention is that I got annoyed by the ringtone from Nick’s phone in season 1 🙂 . I binge-watched season 1 and at the end you get a pattern where a murder by a creature takes place, body gets found, Nick phone rings, etc, etc. They reduced the phone calls in season 2 and changed the ringtone.

The series was nominated for a numerous awards, a few honorable mentions are:

  • Primetime Emmy Awards – Outstanding Stunt Coordination in 2012 and 2014
  • Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 2012 and 2015
  • People’s Choice Awards – Favorite New TV Drama in 2012, Favorite Network TV Drama in 2013



Release information

First episode 28 october 2011


45 minutes

Season 1 through 5 – 22 episodes

Season 6 – 13 episodes




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