F1 Access – I already have an account, oh wait… You don’t

With the new Formula 1 season starting this weekend I though it would be wise to check if I still have access to the Live Timing section on the website.

It might be more than 10, 15 years ago I made a mistake to forget my password for the Formula 1 Live Timing website. That sucked, I used to watch F1 on my tv next to my computer monitor with the live timing applet opened. No problem, like all the websites they have a forgot your password button and I had about 15 minutes before the qualy would start. I proceeded to fill that in and opened my Hotmail… no mail in the next two of three minutes… Okay maybe I didn’t complete the web form. CTRL SHIFT DEL to delete my browser cache and hit the forgot password button again. Qualifying started, no mail.. I’ve waited the rest of Saturday and still no email, Sunday no email… Monday email…. Due technical reasons blablabla delayed and I received a new password.

With something like 16 of 17 more races to go that season, I logged in and went to looking for an option to change my password. 🙂 There was no option to change a password. Haha F1 didn’t had the option to change a password after you have chosen one during registration or the system had reset your password on request.

I decided to register again with my new Gmail account with a normal remember-able password and to write it down. Many years later they introduced a page where you could view your account info and even change your password! Amazing.

Formula 1 has been sold to Liberty Media last year and while there are not many changes seen yet I noticed they had a new tab on their site named F1 Access where you can login with an email and password. Guess what, previously created accounts are not able to sign in. After trying to login like 6 times with the u/p combination I know was valid I went for the recovery password link and with typing my e-mailadres a nice pop-up was shown with the notice they have no record of that mailadres..

So I ended up with registering the same e-mailadres for the second time, but this time I was prepared and on time 😉 Een gewaarschuwd mens telt voor twee.


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