Pine – The best Indie game ever?


Pine is a game about evolution. Using neural network AI technologies, the game’s system attempts to recognize the player’s style and adapt the species and world accordingly. This means defensive players will be opposed by more aggressive species, while energetic players would see faster enemies that try to keep up.

In the world of Pine, human beings never reached the top of the food chain, leaving them to be a physically inferior species in an exciting open world where other species have developed tools and languages of their own. In an engaging third person action adventure, Pine takes you through the cultures of different species that observe you and will do anything necessary to survive.

Pine is being made by 6 game developers from the Netherlands.

Why is this game different?

Two years ago they started this with the idea to create a open-world Zelda like game not knowing the recently released Zelda is a open-world. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t look like an indie game. I played the 8-bit NES in the 80’s and have no urge to play that again in 2017. This game will be the second game from the Twirlbound studio. Their first game, With the Wind, was featured on the app store. But the mobile market is not what they wanted to do a second time.

The game is made in Unity 5, people see a mix of other games like Fable or Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda and that is amazing for a team of 6 people. The developers studied Creative Media and Game Technologies and have the knowledge for AAA sized games. The game won’t be the size of a regular AAA game (aiming for 8 – 10 hours) but corners wont be cut on other aspects. Their key-point is the adjustment of the environment around your character. The focus of the game is interaction and not so much on resource gathering. The story is kept linear with one ending but will not play the same way a second time because of the neural network AI machine learning.

Most important thing is that they have not signed a deal with a publisher. So we don’t have to be scared for a second No Mans Sky(Lie).


platform PC

genre Action Adventure

release date TBA

team Marc, Timo, Matthijs, Lukas, Pascal, Martin



Additional links

Full Interview can be found here. (Interview in Dutch language, but with some footage of internal demo)

Kickstart page is here.


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