Top Gear – Yep, it’s over

Last week I wrote a little piece about Top Gear. The first episode of the new season appeared and it was a big letdown to me. I just finished watching the second episode and am again hugely disappointed. Again no humor at all and it’s gets annoying when the presenter laughs more at his own jokes then the audience or bystanders do. They even managed to get the audience dead silent when one presenter made a statement that we should praise the Toyota Prius. WTH! Prius and positive on Top Gear? Makes a lot of sense when a minute before that they drove a V8 Alfa Romeo and after that fragment did a show-off of a Lamborghini and Porsche.

No this show will not overcome the gap the previous presenters left. Can’t wait till the second season of The Grand Tour starts.

There was one cool thing this episode with somewhat good camera work at the end when they drove in the snow with the Lambo and Porsche. But somehow it still doesn’t match the greatness of the older camerawork.

Top Gear, over and out.


This picture shows a tremendous joke about the middle guy and you can see the bloke on the left with the red jacket is the only one in the audience who is laughing.


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