Top Gear – Nearing its end?

Today I’ve watched the first new episode of Top Gear`s 24th season. Here are my thoughts.

It`s actually quit sad for the BBC. They did the reasonable thing to ‘discipline’ a misbehaving person, but while doing the right thing they shot themself in their foot and to get thing worse, the foot has now gotten an infection with it…

I just watched the episode and a I noticed a few things. Top Gear was different from other car shows for two reasons in my opinion: 1 humour and 2 awesome filming. It’s all gone now. I’ve literally sat through the whole episode without laughing one time and the camerawork wasn’t great. It’s like the whole crew of old Top Gear left and took all their camera lenses with them.

The first part of the episode they do a piece of the Ferrari FXXK and they open the filming with just the garage lightning on the car!? After that you see the camera follow Ferrari on the Daytona speedring and i don’t know if it was artistic meant to be but the car is half of the time out of the picture and the camera work is very wobbly. No use of slow-motion capture and no special color lenses or lens flares. They never managed to make it look fast.

Did I mention they ditched two third of their last season presenters? I looks like we have to do with Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid. Chris Evans almost immediately after his first series announced he wouldn’t do a second season, I have no idea where EJ (Eddie Jordan) is. While not appealing to me Chris and Rory are at least English but lacking the humour. They did Top Gear Extra or something like that on web or tv (no idea, never seen it)

It’s a sad day with the beginning of the end of Top Gear. I can’t see the BBC endlessly pumping money in the show. They lost one of their best-selling shows around the world by doing the correct thing. (Now we will watch if they do the right thing with all the sexual abuse and harassment over there, oh boy it’s a mess there)

In actual sequence as showed on tv, I did not mess the order up and could make a lot more screenshots to prove my point


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