Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil

Another Horror comedy post. This time Stan Against Evil, it’s about a retired small-town sheriff who teams with his replacement to battle demons in New Hampshire. Stan Against Evil toys with horror clichés and assures you that whatever you fear, something worse — or funnier — is right around the corner.

John C. McGinley (you might know him as Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs) is starring in this series as a retired sherif that just wants to sit down and watch his tv. unfortunately for him he gets interrupted al lot 🙂 The town they live in has an ancient curse against the person who is sherif because of something that happened hundreds of years ago. Demons are trying to kill the new sherrif and somehow Stand always gets in the middle.

Unlike Ash vs Evil Dead this horror comedy is less on visuals and more about the main character Stan. I find his daughter (Deborah Baker Jr.) have one of the most annoying voices but she is not that often in the picture.

Season 1 has 8 episodes that run a little under 30 minutes. Season 2 will probably arrive somewhere in 2017. The show originally premiered on IFC network owned by AMC.


An aging police sheriff begrudgingly joins an alliance with a new sheriff, Evie Barret, to battle angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town.


John C. McGinley in Stan Against Evil (2016)Deborah Baker Jr. in Stan Against Evil (2016)Janet Varney in Stan Against Evil (2016)Nate Mooney in Stan Against Evil (2016)

IMDB rating 6,9/10


See the Trailer from season 1


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