Creating a screenshot in Windows 10

You might have noticed a button on your keyboard with the text ‘prt sc‘ of something like that. Some people have no idea what that key is used for, others use it for making screenshots of your screen and save it to the hard drive.

Just hit that button and then paste it in mspaint.exe. Fast, clean en easy. Right? And if you where tech savvy you would even know you could use Alt and Print Screen to capture only the active Window without the other clutter on your screen.

It sure beats the lame snipping tool Microsoft shipped with Windows 7 of was it even Vista? It still makes me laugh seeing coworkers clicking on that snipping tool and then dragging a capture box that would always capture a little bit more around the edges then you would like to see and paste it in a Word or even Excel document!! so it can be mailed to someone. The madness of that… 😡

Here are a few new ways to create a Print Screen without the need of any 3rd party tools.

Windows logo key  +  Print Screen

This combination captures your entire screen and saves it to your picture library on OneDrive or in the regular one on your disk in a .PNG format.

Windows logo key  + H

This will open the Share charm and allow you to send a screenshot of your desktop through E-mail, OneDrive, OneNote, Dropbox of even Instagram if installed on your computer.

And the last tip for Tablet users and people with a Windows Phone.

Windows logo key + volume down button

This will save a picture the same way Win + H does.


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