Windows 10 ‘Creators Update’

Windows 10 Redstone

Microsoft Edge gets tab management, WebVR support and more

While not super official yet, Microsoft has released an updated Windows 10 edition. I’m not talking about a inside build, its a normal release just like the Anniversary version was.

Microsoft named this Windows 10 update the ‘Creators Update’. The Creators Update is codenamed Redstone 2.

The following features are new or improved.

  • Edge Browser

Microsoft has detailed some more changes to its Edge web browser. Chief among these is native support for mixed reality and, specifically, WebVR. Websites are increasingly offering VR content, and when the Creators Update is released, Windows 10 users will be able to view this content in Edge without having to install a plug-in. In fact, talking of Extensions Microsoft has given developers of add-ons access to more features and functions in the browser and – with a bit of luck – we’ll start to see the library grow. Currently the list of Extensions is relatively short. Another update to Edge is the ability to save and restore groups of tabs. The idea behind this is to reduce clutter and improve performance for people who tend to have a lot of tabs open. Instead of keeping lots of pages open, you can save a group of them, ‘set them aside’ and then return to them later on without having to search through your history or try to remember what you were looking at.

  • 3D content

3D content was a focus for Microsoft, with Windows 10 focusing greater on 3D content, which spans to Paint and Powerpoint

  • Holographic interface

Arguably the biggest new feature is the new Windows Holographic interface. Microsoft announced that Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus and Acer will be making affordable VR headsets for Windows 10

  • Blue light reduction

Android, iOS and Amazon’s mobile operating systems all have a feature which reduces blue light at night

  • Built-in broadcasting

With the Creators update, you’ll be able to set up a live stream using Beam. You will be able to interact with users easily and will also be able to create tournaments

  • Pin people to the taskbar

You will now have the option to pin ‘people’ to the taskbar, enabling you to quickly drag and drop files to your contacts, by taking these files to the taskbar

  • Ebooks

Coming soon to Windows is the ability to buy and read ebooks. It appears that Microsoft will add ebooks alongside apps, games, music, movies and TV sections within a unified Windows Store.

  • App throttling

App throttling control gives priority to the apps in focus, and deprioritizes background apps so they use up too many of your computer’s resources.

  • Game Mode

Game Mode appears to do a similar thing: prioritize the game that’s running and devote as much processing time, RAM and other resources to making it run as fast as it can. Microsoft says that “Our vision is that Game Mode optimizes your Windows 10 PC for an improvement in overall game performance.”

  • Pause updates

Also new is the ability to pause updates not just until you’re not using your PC or laptop, but for up to 35 days (but still not in the Home version).

  • Security Centre

A brand new Security Centre basically brings a lot of Windows security features together and makes them accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard. Much like an internet security suite, it presents several icons for different types of security and then marks them with a green tick if that area is ok. If not, you’ll see a warning that action is required.


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