Kodi 17 “Krypton” released

Kodi 17 Krypton

10 months after the release of Kodi 16.1 (codename Jarvis) a new version has been released.

Kodi 17 offers a new look and feel. The default skin has changed quite a lot, there is a brand new web interface and many other things are improved under the hood. Kodi hasn’t made an announcement on their site yet but the software was published at Feb 1 2017.

This is the home window of Kodi 17 skin Estuary. The home screen has been revamped and now utilises a smart playlists implementation to automatically show you what probably interests you the most.

One of the previous shortcomings in the skin was the settings screen. For new users of Kodi it was often not clear what they do or where to find something. In 17 they tried to change that.

The PVR guide is one of the best layouts I’ve seen for the last 10 years. PVR brings me to the reason why I am going to love this new Kodi.

We now have the ability to play video at increased speed with sounds! This has been a topic on the official Kodi forum since 2004! Good old Windows Media Center (WMC) had this feature since their first version Windows XP Media Center Edition back in 2002 and i really loved it. Instead of wasting 60 minutes to watch an episode your would bring it back to 40 minutes and this was way before the time where you have Netflix, Prime, etc without commercial interruptions. Yes, at first the sounds are a bit different and can be difficult to understand in a noisy environment but you get used to it very fast. My advise is to try it for a few days before you quit on it. *

* Not al content makes sense at accelerated speed, I wouldn’t recommend you to watch UFC or soccer at accelerated speed, curling and darts will do. High pace action series which are mainly visual aren’t either a good plan to see at high-speed, but a story telling show is no problem.

Visit kodi.tv for more information and downloads


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